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You inform this office as soon as you know the date of your Open day. By the Thursday before the event, the “Shop-in-a-box” will be delivered. Although the type of stock for resale remains basically the same from station to station, the quantities vary (there is no point sending the same amount to large urban station with multiple pumps and special appliances as to a small rural one pump station). You check the delivery against the paperwork and on the day you sell the products at the suggested prices.

After the event you count the returns of stock and takings, complete the paperwork and then contact this office to arrange the collection. After the office has received the returns and a check is performed to confirm your figures, a receipt is issued for the quantity of returned stock and the takings. You are also informed in writing the actual profit made on the day.

However, if it your intention to run a large or unusual event, please inform this office so that it able to set up and run a full retail outlet with the ability to take cash, cheques and debit & credit cards and take the responsibility away from you (please see "Mobile Shop").

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