Fire Services Fund-raising Shop CIC
Benevolence begins with a gift. Supporting the Firefighters Charity

Please check the delivery note/returns sheet against the items supplied and if there are any shortages, breakages or other inaccuracies please inform this office immediately. I also respectfully request that you do not indelibly mark or sticker-up the items with the price and as the prices are already “marked-up”, do not charge any extra.

Please ensure all cheques are made out to “FSFS CIC” and the payee’s banker’s card complete details are included on the rear of the cheque. Importantly with each sale please give the purchaser one copy of the enclosed sales leaflets, which is their product guarantee, notification of returns policy and the FSFS CIC contact details (It saves you having to deal with awkward purchasers and any other problems that may occur later).

During the following week the unsold stock should be collected and will be re-distributed to other stations, any delays causes the shop to purchase more un-needed stock to cover slow returned unsold items. Upon the receipt of the unsold stock, unused leaflets, all the sales money, completed delivery note/returns sheet and a check is performed to confirm your figures, you will be sent a credit note/receipt for the stock unsold to account for the money, and you will also be informed of the actual gross profit made on the day. At the end of the trading year, your profit, with all the other station’s profits and the profit from Fire Services Fund-raising Shop CIC’s own trading activities, minus the running costs of the business, will be donated to the charity.

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